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In the corners of a child’s imagination lies the seed of potential, waiting for a dream to bloom. Sharing a heart for the importance of every child having a dream, Robert Krumroy and Adrian Martinca founded Kids Dreams Matter. Their mission was clear and profound: to ensure that every child is afforded the opportunity to discover their purpose and passion. This initiative, born from the collective efforts of Robert and Adrian—who had previously touched the lives of over 100,000 children with character-building books and the Dream Guide, each of which rewards the child with a bike or a computer – showing kids that they are smart, capable, and believed in to achieve their dreams.

A legacy begins when a child believes they are capable and deserving of creating the best future possible.

― Robert Krumroy, President

At the heart of Kids Dreams Matter lies the belief that early support and unwavering faith in a child’s abilities can unlock limitless possibilities. The organization’s goal is to illuminate the path to a future brighter than any we could imagine for ourselves, demonstrating that the power to change the world resides in the hands of our youngest citizens.

A Partner/Champion, as described by the founders, is more than a supporter; they are a cornerstone of victory. They stand by, believe in, and tirelessly work to equip those they champion with everything needed to succeed. It’s not just about championing the dreams of our children but also ensuring that families are empowered with the necessary resources and support to nurture these future leaders. Kids Dreams Matter seeks to close the gap between the present and a future where every child can lead a life filled with purpose.

When you give a child the support to feel believed in, you unlock their potential to create change in their life.

― Adrian Martinca. CEO

Children & the Lessons of their Dreams

Dreams extend beyond the tangible; they are visions of a life filled with opportunity and freedom from suffering. They teach us about the true needs of children and their families. By embracing these dreams, we find common ground, uniting us in a celebration of hope and action towards making that hope tangible.

Our children are the most compelling reason for us to come together as a community. They hold the key to a door of opportunities that never closes. We are invited, or rather challenged, to become Champions of Dreams. This means engaging with the dreams our children harbor, contributing to a global mission that seeks to infuse our societies with purpose, and fostering unity among people, communities, and organizations worldwide.

The formation of Kids Dreams Matter is not just a story of two people coming together for a cause; it’s a rallying cry for all like-minded champions to join in this noble pursuit. Together, we can help shape a world where every child believes in their potential to achieve greatness, supported by a community that stands ready to turn their dreams into reality.

In this spirit, we extend an open invitation to everyone who believes in the power of dreams and the potential of our children. Join us in this journey to empower the next generation, as we work hand in hand to create a legacy of hope, empowerment, and purpose. Let’s be part of a movement that bridges dreams with reality, ensuring that every child knows they matter and are the architects of a brighter future for us all.